Lisa is the Mom to two of the greatest kids on earth, Megan and Mitchell.  A nonprofit executive during the day and a budding empty nester by night.  She started this journey with Megan 6 years ago when that brave, brave girl left her diary on her desk and asked for help.  We believe that with love, support and lots of therapy, we are all going to be okay.  Okay doesn't mean the road will be straight or easy.  It just means that we are going to love each other through all the crud of mental and physical illness.  No one in this world gets a pass on crud, I promise you.  Everyones crud might be different, they may not let you in on what it is, but its still there.  We're gonna go ahead and share ours with you in hopes it resonated with you and helps you to know you are not alone.

Megan attends school at Loyola Chicago University, majoring in nursing. In her free time, she enjoys baking, reading, and long walks by Lake Michigan.


Her story fueled the creation of this blog. At fifteen, she did the bravest thing she's ever done: She asked for help fighting the monsters in her head. This blog is her way of fighting the stigma and misunderstanding around mental illness, and proof that a diagnosis doesn’t change who you are or who you can become. Mental (or chronic) illness doesn’t end your life, it simply starts a new chapter.