1. not displaying or characterized by autistic or other neurologically atypical patterns of thought or behavior.

    "neurotypical individuals often assume that their experience of the world is either the only one or the only correct one"

By Megan


A neurotypical refers to someone of “normal brain chemistry”. It is not a derogatory expression, nor is it in any way negative. Usually abbreviated as NT, Urban dictionary defines it as a term used by autistic people or people with Asperger’s to refer to people who conform to society’s idea of normally functioning. Recently, this term has expanded to include people with mental illnesses, neurological disabilities, or any other neurological disorder such as dyslexia, epilepsy, and ADHD. It can be used as an adjective or noun. I often refer to some of my actions, emotions, or thoughts as “brain weirdness”. I am very blessed to have people in my life who accept that often the only reason I can give for my actions or feelings is my brain weirdness.


The term neurodivergent, sometimes abbreviated ND, refers to a person who functions deviate from the norm. The Neurodiversity Movement is a social activist group that seeks social equality of the neurodivergent. Neurodivergence refers to the state of being neurodivergent. These expressions were created by Kassiane Sibley.


THAT BEING SAID: Neurodiversity is a characteristic of the human race that explains the wide range of cognition and function. In its simplest terms, neurodiversity means that no two people operate the same. For more information, please visit here.