Mom, when are you gonna start that blog???

Megan has been bugging me to start a blog together (she says talking from her point of view and mine would be really helpful) and after last night I think I'm ready to do it. Gulp. Here we go world.

I live in Kansas City and got the great pleasure of seeing Glennon from Momastery speak last night. If you’ve never read her story, stop reading here immediately and spend the rest of your day over at You didn’t have anything else to do today, right? Go now. Then come back.

Glennon was talking about how as parents, we desperately want to protect our kids from the pain of life. And we shouldn’t do that. She believes that in order to get to the love, we all need to walk through the fire of pain to get to the other side. That through the pain is how we learn to experience love. This is where I got a teeny tiny bit upset. Hello, Glennon? We have kids that deal with issues far above their years and we are not supposed to protect them from feeling the side effects of brain chemicals gone wrong? Sorry, I don’t think you understand our lives. Which is weird because you are one of us and intellectually I know you are correct.

You see my dilemma here, right?

Well, there were 1,200 women in the room - and when it came time for questions, I swear to you, my butt was out of my seat before I gave it permission to do so. Once you are standing in an auditorium of 1,200 people, one does not just sit back down. Good time to show up, God. Let’s be clear, I know that was You that made my rear end leave the seat. Thanks a lot.

So my question was “how do us Moms help our babies through the fire of mental illness without burning up ourselves”. Honestly, I got a few pieces of her response as my brain was on overload after getting the question out. But she had wonderful words of wisdom I’m sure. Can’t remember what they were but I know they were amazing.

But here is what came out of all of that. Five phone numbers handed to me from Moms who were going through the same thing with no one to talk to that understood. Believe me, I get that. After five years of going through this with Megan, I understand how your peeps can misunderstand this whole, messy, brutal process. We shall talk about that later; how to find your support and what to do with the fear. Actually we are going to talk about ALL THE THINGS. I promise to be honest about my journey, to never, ever judge how you choose to do your journey and to try and give you love and support, thrown in with some words of experience based on my journey.

So here we go!

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