New Logo!

Thank you thank you thank you to the immensely talented Jeremy Fuksa of Orange Flame Design for helping us bring life to our new logo! Megan sketched out a design that captures our personality and adds some fun to the page.

Explanation for those of us who do not have medical training like Megan - she wanted it to show a brain (cause they all look alike!) with the chemical symbols for neurotransmitters, serotonin and dopamine. This was so important to both of us because understanding how mental health works by looking at how our bodies and brains work is so very important. We think it helps with stigma most of all - if you understand that mental illness works much like more understood diseases like diabetes or heart disease, well that helps to know that saying "just get out of bed and do something...that will make you feel better." isn't so helpful to the one that has too much dopamine running around in their head.

Want an explanation for these chemicals and how they work to regulate just about everything in your body? CLICK HERE FOR A GREAT ARTICLE

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