I wish...

Megan is on the final countdown to the last days of her freshman year - which means projects and finals. And, although I think she always has blog ideas swirling in that creative brain of hers, time is the problem these days. So I am doing a non-hostile takeover of Wednesdays until she is in the clear and home with us for the summer.

It's timely because I have been emailing with a Mom who found our blog last week and has some urgent questions about medication for her newly diagnosed kiddo.

We talked through the pros and cons of medication and I suggested questions to ask the Dr. that helped me understand side effects and benefits of each medication being suggested. We both gained so much out of the conversation. Together stronger (and wiser!).

One thing she said really stood out for me. "I just wish I didn't have to worry about medication. I wish everything was normal. I wish he was normal. And I'm a terrible Mom for thinking that."

Oh no you are not. Oh no, far from it. Welcome to our tribe girlfriend. Where we all want the struggle to be gone - for our kids not to carry extra burdens around all day. For them to be NORMAL (whatever that is).

Here is the thing Mama's. That desire to want it to be different - to rid ourselves of the struggle - that is LOVE. It just gets mixed up as a desire to fix everything for our kid.

Here is an exercise I learned to turn that kind of worried love into a love that is healthier for you: close your eyes and imagine the worry or the angst of the struggle as a color (purple is my color choice). Now imagine passing that color into a fire - burn that baby. Now imagine pulling it out as gold (see you refined it!?) and placing it in your chest...over your heart. From stomach churning to pure heart love.

You have to practice this a few times before you start to feel it. In the meantime, think on this one. And I'll check back in with you this weekend.

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