Learning, learning. Always learning.

Sorry for not writing sooner. I didn't want to. Hows that for honest?

I've been on the struggle bus lately. A new job, new city and new well, everything, can wear a person down. Self care and positive self talk has been my theme song for the last two weeks and it has given me an appreciation for those around us that have to do this daily.

It take so much energy to catch yourself in a negative self talk spiral and it takes a boatload more energy to turn it around.

It takes creativity to think of something nice to say to yourself when your brain wants to throw out all the negativity its got in its arsenal.

And it takes a ton of forward momentum to practice self care when you really just want do something, anything, that doesn't require you to focus on yourself.

So I guess, as usual, God is teaching me a thing or two about empathy in deeply personal ways.

Carry on...

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